This company is on Amazon selling hookahs. I bought one, because the had the best price. BOY DID I LEARN MY LESSON, THAT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I should of paid an extra couple of dollars and got better product and better service. The item wasn't the same color. the big thing is that Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products (this seller) solicits positive reviews by offering giveaways. I was surprised to find a piece of paper promising giveaways with next order if I leave a positive review. WELL Im not, and my MANY emails to them went unanswered.

When I posted a negative review on Amazon, I started getting calls in the middle of the night. Blocked numbers, this NEVER happened before. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS. They WILL NOT issue me a refund, and will NOT ANSWER my requests to have my order taken care of. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $18.

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I have an order i placed with them. When i placed the order my shipping address was correct.

Well when they shipped it it was missing my appartment number. I contacted them right away and they are trying to pass the problem to amazon by telling me to contact them.

Amazon did not ship my order they did so why should i contact amazon? They did not want to take the time to fix their mess, therefore, no apartment number on shipping order means no package at mh door.


I buy a lot of stuff from then raw tips. And raw pappers never had a problem with them be buy off them for a while tp


Here's the thing.. their name is "Discount" Hookah and Tobacco Products...

notice the emphasis there? If you are only willing to pay $18.00 bucks for a hookah then you need to understand that it is probably going to be ***. I bought mine from a local shop here and paid $150 for it and you know what? It's *** fantastic.

No *** you get what you pay for, but being a cheap skate isn't the sellers problem, it's yours. I've bought screens, cleaners, and some secret stash containers from these guys and yeah they have been crappy... but I also only paid less the $5 for each.

See what I'm getting at? ***.


alright listen up mate, you're nothing more than just another ignorant consumer if the first thing you do when you get the idea for a hookah is to go to amazon looking for it. If you would have done ANY bit of research regarding the topic beforehand, there's no way in *** you would've still bought that ***.

You even typed it yourself in all caps that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. So stop *** about it and get over it.

They sold you a cheap product, you got cheap results. Cry me a *** river.

Hiram, Maine, United States #699498

I am wanting to buy a hard cigarette box case that's like three dollars I've read all the complaints about hookahs but I would really like a case for my cigarettes should I buy/pass hookahs? :x

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #587796

I had issues with this vendor as well. I ordered a hookah and shisha/charcoal.

Shipped the wrong color hookah, didn't ship the other part of my order. They don't respond to email, and don't seem to be interested in fixing my problem.

I had to return the item I did recieve at my own expense, and had to file a claim with Amazon to get my money back. I wouldn't do business with them

to Ogre #1112608

I ordered 400 dollars worth of product that they never shipped. Got in contact with me once asking me if I wanted a refund or a reship I asked for reship...nothing ever came.

They refuse to anewer ant of my emails and they have MY 400 dollars.

I hope they rot.


So it's a bad idea to get 2 250g shisha off of them


I wouldn't suggest anyone buy from this person(s). I bought a few things from them as gifts for friend, etc.

I paid over $55 for 2nd day shipping and I get it almost a week later in USPS flat rate shipping envelope that cost them less than $10 to mail.

And it was missing a few items. Long story short, I got screwed as well.


I was recently gonna by some hookah favors and some mouth tips off of this company also because of the price should I find another company or am I fine with the materials I'm going to purchase

to Hookahrookie14 #1107924

Iuse medical marijuana. Here in Nova Scotia, we can't buy "flavored" papers so I ordered some here.

I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake because the shipping was more than the price of the 12 packs of paper. By the logic, "you get what you pay for." these are gonna be awesome.

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